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Inpatient Psychiatric

Inpatient Psychiatric

Child Inpatient Acute Services

This program offers an intensive inpatient treatment program for children ages 5 to 11 who are experiencing acute symptoms of psychiatric illness. Children who have become overwhelmed due to underlying trauma or abuse can benefit from a positive, supportive and stable environment to help them recover.

The treatment program includes a trauma-informed care approach, an evidence-based model for working effectively with trauma survivors. We also incorporate elements of Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS), which is another evidence-based model for working effectively with children who demonstrate aggressive and/or out-of-control behavior, and we utilize elements of positive reinforcement and the level system. These methods help focus on positively reinforcing or rewarding appropriate or positive behavior. All of these elements help to create a well-rounded, individualized approach to working with each child.

Children who are receiving inpatient acute services at The Ridge Behavioral Health System are enrolled in the Fayette County School System. They will receive one-to-one instruction from Certified Teachers in collaboration with their home community school.

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