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Inpatient Psychiatric

Inpatient Psychiatric

Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment for Adolescents

Teens experience many physical and emotional changes. But for some, life can become overwhelming due to mood disorders, family conflicts or reactions to stress, trauma or substance use. We help adolescents ages 12 to 17 (18 if the youth is still in high school) develop effective coping skills and build self-esteem so they can return home and back to school with a healthier and happier approach to life.

Our Adolescent Treatment Program utilizes elements of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) with the goal of promoting healthier, more fulfilling behaviors. DBT is an evidence-based practice used for treating those who are struggling with mood and behavioral issues. Specific skills are taught to help patients cope more effectively with emotions in daily treatment groups and on an individual basis.

In addition, the program includes developmentally appropriate treatment. We find this to be useful because some adolescents have delays in cognitive development, and this approach ensures the treatment matches patient development to more effectively enhance their understanding and coping ability.

Adolescents enrolled in this program will attend school at The Ridge during the year with certified teachers of the Fayette County School System.

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