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What to Bring

What to Bring for Inpatient Treatment

You are encouraged to bring three outfits of clothes plus something comfortable to sleep in. Don’t bring in any clothing particularly fancy or immodest. Shoes should be slip-on or have the laces removed. You may bring in something to read. Journal and pens are provided. Cell phones are not allowed so it is recommended you have a written list of phone numbers to make any necessary phone calls.

All hygiene products are provided (shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, soap, mouthwash, combs and hairbrush). Adult patients may bring in six small-size makeup items of your choice. These items may be checked out during hygiene time.

Bring all medications including prescription and over-the-counter medications, eye drops and ointments. Adult patients may also bring cigarettes and tobacco products in unopened packages. No lighter or matches are needed and will not be permitted.

Please remember these lists are not all-inclusive. It is at the staff’s discretion to remove items they deem potentially hazardous. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

What Items Are Not Allowed?

Please leave any valuables (except car keys) in your vehicle. In order to maintain a secure environment, we search all bags and other items before giving them to patients. All potentially harmful items will be removed. Valuable and potentially harmful items will be sent home or locked in a secure area on the unit until discharge.

Items That May Be Sent Home or Secured

  • Purses, handbags, computers, cell phones and other valuable items
  • Devices that can record video or audio or take photos (in accordance with HIPAA laws and to protect patient confidentiality)
  • Any item made of glass or with a blade or sharp point such as bottles, nail clippers, stick pins, tweezers, metal utensils, craft tools, metal nail files, razors, safety pins, metal combs, thumbtacks and knitting needles
  • Appliances with cords such as electronics, headphones, curling irons, hairdryers, heating pads and electric razors
  • Other potentially harmful items such as cords, belts, shoelaces, rope, dental floss, yarn, guitar strings, wire hangers, aluminum soda cans and plastic bags
  • Any item containing alcohol, combustible fluids and all aerosol cans including fragrances, mouthwash, shaving lotion, hair products and cleaning products
  • Certain tobacco-related items such as electronic cigarettes, pipes, matches and lighters
  • All illegal substances and weapons

Prohibited Clothing Items

  • Clothing with strings such as thongs, belts, tops with spaghetti straps and panties with string sides
  • Underwire bras and clothing with metal adornments such as studs or sequins
  • Clothing with foul language or logos depicting alcohol, illegal substances or drug use
  • Clothing that is revealing, does not fit appropriately or shows the midriff, breasts or butt
  • Shorts higher than mid-thigh
  • Low-cut or sleeveless shirts
  • Shoes that may cause physical harm such as high heels or steel-toe boots
  • Hats

We're Here for You

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