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What to Bring

What to Bring

What to Bring for Inpatient Treatment

  • Insurance card and picture ID
  • Legal paperwork or guardianship paperwork as appropriate
  • List of prescription medications (including information about dosage)
  • Relevant medical records
  • Names and telephone numbers of your primary care providers, psychiatrist, counselor, etc.
  • List of important phone numbers

Permitted Items

  • Up to THREE days of clothing (free laundry facilities on site)
  • Pants (shorts must be fingertip-length)
  • Tops (tank top straps must be credit card-width)
  • Shoes without shoe strings (slip-ons or sandals suggested)
  • Warm pajamas (must be modest and appropriate)
  • Outerwear jackets or sweaters (no hoods, drawstrings or metal zippers longer than seven inches) (m
  • One elastic hair tie (no metal or plastic)
  • Rubber or plastic piercing jewelry (no metal)
  • Crew socks or shorter (we provide non-skid socks if needed)
  • Underwear (no thongs)
  • Sports bras (no bralettes or bras with underwire)
  • Softcover book (contents must be age-appropriate)
  • Personal pictures (not allowed to be in a frame)
  • Adult Patients Only: Un-opened packs of cigarettes

Items That May Be Sent Home or Secured

  • Purses, handbags, computers, cell phones and other valuable items
  • Devices that can record video or audio or take photos (in accordance with HIPAA laws and to protect patient confidentiality)
  • Any item made of glass or with a blade or sharp point such as bottles, nail clippers, stick pins, tweezers, metal utensils, craft tools, metal nail files, razors, safety pins, metal combs, thumbtacks and knitting needles
  • Appliances with cords such as electronics, headphones, curling irons, hairdryers, heating pads and electric razors
  • Other potentially harmful items such as cords, belts, shoelaces, rope, dental floss, yarn, guitar strings, wire hangers, aluminum soda cans and plastic bags
  • Any item containing alcohol, combustible fluids and all aerosol cans including fragrances, mouthwash, shaving lotion, hair products and cleaning products
  • Certain tobacco-related items such as electronic cigarettes, pipes, matches and lighters
  • All illegal substances and weapons

Prohibited Items

  • Food or outside drinks
  • Clothing: ripped or see-through clothing, tights, leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, shoelaces, skirts, steel-toe boots, cleats, tight clothing, spaghetti straps, belts, bandanas, hats, headbands, pantyhose, scarves, hoods, revealing clothing, neckties, clothing with inappropriate artwork or language
  • Hairdryers, curling irons, flat irons, hair pins, etc.
  • Jewelry (wedding bands are the only exception)
  • Sharp, bedazzled or jeweled items
  • Pens, pencils, markers, crayons, binders, spiral notebooks (these items will be provided on the unit)
  • Inappropriate reading material, hardcovers or magazines with exposed staples, strings or wires
  • Electronic devices
  • Personal pillows, sheets, blankets or stuffed animals- in order to control for infections. We will supply all linens during your stay.
  • Drugs, alcohol, paraphernalia, tobacco products, vapes
  • Toiletries, nail files disposable razors, clippers (feminine hygiene products will be provided)
  • Money or credit cards
  • Drugs, alcohol, paraphernalia, smokeless tobacco products, vapes

* If you have prescription toiletries, please speak with the admission department to see if they can be provided or brought in.

* Items stored in our property storage will not be accessible to patients throughout their length of stay.

We're Here for You

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