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Inpatient Substance Use Disorder

Inpatient Substance Use Disorder

Inpatient Substance Use Disorder and Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Adolescents

The Adolescent Recovery Center (ARC) at The Ridge is designed to serve adolescents, ages 12 to 17 (or 18 if still in high school) who are struggling with substance use and co-occurring disorders. We can help patients whose substance use problems have caused legal problems, school difficulties and relationship problems.

The ARC offers semi-private rooms located on a self-contained unit. The treatment team is made up of qualified professionals including a medical director, registered nurses and licensed therapists. The typical length of stay is 28 to 55 days but is modified on a case-by-case basis to best serve each participant’s situation and needs.

The program includes:

The Seven Challenges Approach
The Seven Challenges is an evidence-based treatment model for adolescents with co-occurring disorders that can help young people identify the behaviors that have negatively impacted their lives, understand what it takes to maintain sobriety and commit to making changes.

Goals and Seven Challenges Groups
These daily groups help patients monitor their progress. The groups can help patients work through each challenge and identify specific areas addressed in their individual treatment plans.

Dual Diagnosis Educational Groups
These groups cover topics such as substance use and relapse prevention, medication and mental health issues, healthy lifestyles, communication and anger management.

Seven Challenges Journals
With the assistance of their therapist, each patient works at their own pace through the journals to help them recognize the impact that drug and alcohol use is having on their life.

Daily Self-help Meetings
Patients participate in daily self-help groups to support their treatment and prepare them for their transition home.

Seven Challenges Aftercare
A weekly aftercare group is offered to all graduates of the ARC program.

In addition, adolescents enrolled in this program will attend school at The Ridge during the academic year with certified teachers of the Fayette County School System.

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